About Raisin Valley Farms

Our history started as a vision – – – to grow, deliver and pack the very best healthy raisin in the world.  We began business in 2001 as an unincorporated association where each farmer packed and sold her/his very own raisins.  We learned the potential for increasing the value of our raw product.  But in order to be part of our innovative group, each farmer had to make a commitment to the utmost quality.  And each one delivered results.  Our grass-roots effort paid off and now the quality we produce and pack is carrying us another step forward.

Maybe it’s the soil found in California Central Valley.  Or the way the sun kisses our crops when they’re growing.  Whatever the reason, Raisin Valley Farms raisins are different from other raisins grown elsewhere.  They’re richer and juicier.  And the meat is moist and plump.  Just the kind of raisin you’d want to have your family eating.  Direct to you from our family farms in the California Central Valley.  You’ll love the quality from the very first taste!